Real Ales

You will always find our three core ales from Everards Brewery, covering the full spectrum of beer styles.We also have 3 guest ales available and one still cider .
Please see our ales board for the selection of guest ales currently available.

Beer Racks

We have a great offer with our Beer Racks, where you can taste a selection of our cask ales as they offer five third’s of a pint and one of our tasty bar snacks.  Perfect for a taster tipple!

Mini Kegs Available

We have a selection of mini kegs available to purchase to enjoy at home. Currently we have Tiger, Old Original, Beacon Hill and Sunchaser. Just ask at the bar for more details.

80 export80/- Export

abv: 4.7%

Rich, dark and malty. Complex malt flavours predominate in this Scottish classic.

Brewery Website https://www.pheasantrybrewery.co.uk

Salem PorterSalem Porter

abv: 4.7%

An award-winner since 1992, our Salem Porter is dark, rich and chock full of flavour. First you get a lovely little explosion of warm buttered toast and crunchy nut biscuits from the roasted grains. Then the dark fruit hits you, along with strong hints of hazelnuts, almonds, liquorice and spicy hops.


Brewery Website https://www.bateman.co.uk/salem-porter-classic/

Time for a brewTime for a Brew

abv: 3.7%

Brewed with 3kg of Earl Grey Tea this is the perfect beer for those seeking something new and interesting this January.

We’ve selected Earl Grey as the chosen leaf and brewed this alongside Amarillo and Citra hops and added real lemon peel. What you’ll get is aroma’s of bergamot and lemon, with a mouthwatering blend of lemon and orange on the palate.

Naturally Hazey

Brewery Website https://www.everards.co.uk

Beacon Hill Beacon Hill

abv: 3.8%

Amber & Complex

Beacon is a wonderful session ale and the favourite of our Head Brewer. Brewed with high quality ingredients Beacon has a hoppy, malted character with a dry bitter finish leaving you longing for more.

Great with Oily or Fried Fish & Cold Meats

Allergen Information: Contains Barley and Wheat (Gluten)

Brewery Website http://www.everards.co.uk

old originalOld Original

abv: 5.2%

Brown & Smooth

Known for its smooth full bodied taste, made with 100% British ingredients. A premium ale and a consistently popular choice for ale connoisseurs. Great with Mature Cheeses & Meat Dishes

Allergen Information: Contains Barley & Wheat (Gluten)

Brewery Website http://www.everards.co.uk


abv: 4.2%

Brown & Bitter

A true award winning best bitter with universal appeal. Tiger Best Bitter is a classic example of getting the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. Crystal malt gives the beer its rounded toffee character. Tiger is the Official Beer of the Leicester Tigers and Leicester Lions Speedway and Leicester Riders.

Allergen Information: Contains Barley & Wheat (Gluten)

Brewery Website http://www.everards.co.uk

Stan's Big AppleStan’s Big Apple

abv: 5.0%

Crafted from vintage bittersweet apples including Tremlett’s, Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. Stan’s Big Apple is a traditional cider full of flavour and big on personality. Medium dry, this still cider bursts with apple flavours and has a depth of character that only comes from generations of experience.

Allergen Information: Contains Barley & Wheat (Gluten)

Brewery Website https://www.thatcherscider.co.uk/our-cider/big-apple/

Coming Up Next



abv: 4.0%

We looked further afield in Europe to find just the right hops and malt to create Sunchaser’s subtle flavours. Create your ‘sunchasing’ moment to enjoy this beer, whether relaxing in the pub or harvesting like our Leicestershire fox!

Brewery Website https://www.everards.co.uk/our-beers/sunchaser/


abv: 4.0% American Pale Ale

In hops we trust. Packed with US Chinook and Citra™ this American Pale Ale punches above its ABV.

Brewery Website https://www.lincolngreenbrewing.co.uk/our-beers

Elsie MoElsie Mo

abv: 4.7%

Elsie Mo’s name is derived from the Low Colour Maris Otter malt from which it is exclusively brewed, and which gives the beer its lovely golden hue.  A blend of First Gold, Aurora and Bobek hops give the beer its delicate citrus aroma and floral taste.

[Contains Gluten from Malted Barley and Wheat]

Brewery Website https://www.castlerockbrewery.co.uk/?beer=elsie-mohttps://www.everards.co.uk

Lia FailLia Fail

abv: 4.7%

To craft LIA FAIL our brewers selected flavour packed dark crystal and chocolate malts. This combination creates a warming malty body bursting with nutty, chocolate notes that we have balanced with spicy aromas from Cascade and Fuggles hops. It finishes full, mellow and satisfying.

Brewery Website https://www.inveralmond-brewery.co.uk/beers/

Lacons LegacyLacons Legacy

abv: 4.4%

Legacy, our flavoursome blonde beer offers deep flavours. The first thing that hits you is the predominant lemon and grapefruit aroma before a burst of lemon and lime floods the senses. A mellow finish leaves you wanting more.

Brewery Website https://www.lacons.co.uk/beers/full-range/legacy

BecketsBeckets Ale

abv: 4.5%

Brewed to mark the 850th anniversary of the trial of Thomas Becket at Northampton Castle and inspired by the recent discovery of the town’s first commercial brewery at an archaeological dig opposite our brewery. We have crafted a sweet dark and malty pint with honey the key constituent, an ingredient often found in Medieval ales.

Brewery Website http://www.phipps-nbc.co.uk


Stans TradStan’s Trad

abv: 6.0%

Stan’s Trad is Stan Thatchers’s traditional cider. Mellow from the time it spends in our oak vats, naturally hazy from the bittersweet apples carefully chosen for the blend, and full on flavour.

Brewery Website https://www.thatcherscider.co.uk/our-cider/traditional/http://www.phipps-nbc.co.uk


We now offer a rotating craft beer here at the stamford arms

below is our beers available this month

longhornLonghorn IPA

abv: 5.0%

Amber & Fruity
Longhorn IPA (5.0% IBU 55) is an expertly brewed craft keg ale named after the herd of Longhorn cattle that feed off our spent grains.

We use only the finest natural ingredients to create and American style IPA that is full of character and which leaves you wanting more.

Brewed with Maris Otter, Rye, Crystal Rye and Caramalt to create a copper warming colour and hopped with Pilgrim, Chinook, Galaxy and Simcoe hops, Longhorn has both citrus and tropical fruit tones.
Perfect dish for Longhorn IPA – Beer BBQ Chicken with Chive Sour Cream and Fries

Brewery Website https://www.puritybrewing.com

ShipyardShipyard American Pale Ale

abv: 4.5%

An easy drinking, American style Pale Ale bursting with fruity, citrus hop flavour and gooseberry and pine aroma.

Dry hopped with a quartet of American hop varieties – Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial delivering a big, bold, brash hoppy beer. Drop anchor for a spell and enjoy.

This APA is a collaboration between Master Brewers Alan Pugsley and Simon Yates to craft a classic American style Pale Ale to satisfy the growing thirst of British drinkers for American craft beers.

Brewery Website https://www.shipyardbeer.co.uk/

Old Beers We Have Had

The following beers are ones we have had but have no immediate plans to bring back just yet. Don’t forget you can let us know if you would like one to return and it will help us decide which ones to bring back


abv: 3.5%

Commemorating 100 years of the suffragette movement, our bold pale ale has a strong hop flavour and aroma.

It honours the story of Alice Hawkins a famous local suffragette, who lived most of her life in Leicester. Her story is a tremendous account of one woman’s fight for the most basic of human rights – the right to vote. She was imprisoned five times in all her struggle, our beer celebrates Alice’s strong determined character and fighting spirit.

Brewery Website https://www.everards.co.uk/our-beers/suffragette/

Drinking in the AirDrinking in the Air

abv: 4.1%

Pale & Smooth

No details

Brewery Website tbc


Night-Sky-Square-Charnwood-Brewery-pump-clip-480x480Night Sky

abv: 6.0%

A black IPA. A robust upfront hoppiness is followed by the more subtle flavours provided by the roasted malts.


Brewery Website https://www.charnwoodbrewery.co.uk

Proper Cracker.jpgProper Cracker

abv: 4.3%

This rich ruby beer is packed full of delicious dark fruit flavours and a hint of spice to bring a glow to the cockles.

Proper Cracker has a great bar call and offers the style of a traditional Christmas beer at a manageable abv that will be sure to keep you warm this Christmas.

Brewery Website https://www.staustellbrewery.co.uk


abv: 4.5%

Ruby & Spicey

Sleighbell is a ruby beer with a rich and comforting winey taste. Brewed with cascade hops to make a flavoursome pint, it’s the perfect drink for those cold, dark nights.

Allergen Information: Contains Barley & Wheat (Gluten)

Brewery Website http://www.everards.co.uk

burton-bridge-stairway-to-heaven_200w.jpgStairway to Heaven

abv: 5.0%

Pale & Smooth

Smooth easy drinking beer,but be careful of it’s strength.

Brewery Website http://www.burtonbridgebrewery.co.uk


Five StarFive Star

abv: 5.5%

Amber & Hoppy

No information

Brewery Website http://https://www.


abv: 4.0%

Ruby & Spicey

Being a red beer, Myrtle lends itself to rich flavours, spices and meats, burgers and spicy cuisines. With the stoned fruit, treacle-toffee and caramel notes of this red beer it is best to pair with strong flavours, such as those found in game.

FOOD MATCH: Perfect with Burgers and Game

Brewery Website http://https://www.everards.co.uk


abv: 4.4%

Pale & Hoppy

Tasting notes soon