Rum Club

Introducing 1921 Rum club

This is a chance to taste and enjoy some of the amazing Rums available. Ask for your Rum Club card today and receive a sticker for each rum bought. Once completed you can fill in the back and return to us to enter our monthly prize draw for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

…and the Winner of the Stamford Arms Rum Club August Prize Draw is

Featured Rums

The Kraken

For the first of our Rum Club introductions, we bring you The Kraken. LEGEND HAS IT…A ship carrying spiced rum from the Caribbean was attacked by a monstrous Kraken. The Beast thrust upon the ship its massive limbs, plunging the vessel and the men on board into impenetrable darkness. All of the barrels of rum were destroyed except one, which was badly stained by the squid’s black ink. It was dubbed “The Kraken Rum.” It is now known as a liquid of unparalleled darkness.

Dead Man’s Fingers, Mango Rum

For the second of our Rum Club introductions, we bring you Dead Man’s Finger, Mango Rum. Exotic, tropical, and delicious. It’s what happens when sweet, sweet mangoes and our original Spiced Rum get all close and personal. You’ll experience a whiff of vanilla, the tang of citrus, and, of course, juicy-juicy mango, pow; summer just got sexy.

Ableforth’s, Rumbullion

A sure-fire hit from Ableforth’s, #Rumbullion! is a cockle-warming spiced concoction, based on the kind of rich, full-bodied rums the seafaring fraternity would have enjoyed centuries ago.
At the core of this fabulous winter warmer lies a blend of the very finest high proof Caribbean rum, to which was added creamy Madagascan vanilla and a generous helping of zesty orange peel. A secret recipe was followed, finished with a handful of cassia and cloves and just a hint of cardamom.
Rumbullion! proudly flaunts its maritime inspiration with a label that bears a hand-drawn illustration of a Navy grog tub, emblazoned with the words: “The Queen, God Bless Her”, and just like all of the fine spirits in the Ableforth’s arsenal, each bottle is wrapped in crinkled brown paper, wound with twine and sealed with black wax.

Havana Club Especiale

Havana Club Especial is a premium golden rum characterised by its smooth and well-rounded taste profile. The liquid is perfectly balanced and combines the lightness of flavour associated to white rums with the fruity complexity that is typical of more aged rums.
Smooth and special, this aged Cuban rum is the ideal partner of premium cola for the ultimate Cuba Libre taste experience. A light sweetness and vanilla notes from the ageing process complement hints of cinnamon, tobacco, zesty orange, and dry oak. This aromatic complexity brings added depth to the simple and refreshing Cuba Libre cocktail.

Artisan Bullion Spiced Rum

Fancy Winning this bottle of Artisan Bullion Spiced Rum? Make sure you hand in your completed #StamfordArms1921RumClub card for a chance to win our end of month raffle prize draw.

Keep watch for our next introduction…